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Whether you are a relative of an aging loved one, a friend to someone who seems to be struggling with age related issues, or someone who recognizes they need some help; hiring a home caregiver can provide a great solution to maintaining independence, safety, and peace of mind. Caregivers not only provide physical assistance, they also offer someone who can help with the emotional and routine aspects of daily life.

Provide social interaction and companionship

Many of us live alone or do not have family and friends nearby. We feel isolated and limited in our ability to get out and enjoy the things we used to do. A personal companion can provide conversation, a lunch mate, or someone to go out and catch a movie. We provide transportation to sporting events, church services, or any other special occasions.

Provide housekeeping services in the home.

At some point, it becomes difficult to keep up with all the housekeeping duties of maintaining a house. Loss of movement and pain may make it difficult to push a vacuum, clean floors, do laundry, and make beds. Putting away groceries is often an issue for those with arthritis or with range of motion problems. Cleaning difficult areas behind toilets, under tables, or in corners are very difficult for those with leg and knee problems. Having a little extra support can make all the difference to improve one’s situation and outlook on life.

Provide transportation to appointments and support while recovering from procedures.

Transportation to Doctor appointments are a much welcomed service by our clients. We are dependable and we stay available while you are at your appointment. There is not a wait when you are finished. We provide assistance in and out of the clinic. If desired, we can accompany you into your appointment and take notes so you won’t miss any important details or can discuss with a family member at a later date. If you are returning from rehab or minor surgery, we can arrange to have someone stay with you until you are back to feeling normal. Many times Doctors require home assistance after minor procedures before they will release you.

Provide grocery and other shopping needs.

With assistance, shopping for groceries and other necessities can be a pleasurable experience. If available, we drive the client’s car, or the caregiver can use her car for a mileage fee. If you would like to send the caregiver by herself, that can be done also. You can have all the necessities brought home and put away for you.

Provide personal care, wake up service, or tuck in service

Our most popular service is the wake up service. If assistance is need with showering, bathing, or personal care, we can be very helpful or we can stand by as a safety precaution. We can assist with dressing and grooming. While you finish up the final touches, the caregiver can put some breakfast on the table and remind you to take your medicine. Who wouldn’t have a good day after such a start? Tuck in service works the same way only in the evening when you are ready to settle in for a restful night.

Provide peace of mind for my family or loved ones

Families are now split up all over the country, but that does not mean that the concern and love for each other is any less. They may not be able to see Mom and Dad everyday, but they still want them to be cared for and safe. They want me to have the necessities of life met, for me to have what I need to stay healthy, and for me to be comfortable. Even if they live nearby, they have the demands of kids, job, or just need to have some time for themselves. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. My caregiver can fill in the gaps where my family can not always be there. When we do get together, we can spend some quality time and not be rushed with chores.

If you or someone you love could use some help to maintain their independence, then consider the benefits of hiring a caregiver or home companion. Take advantage of our services by calling At Home Care Company. Our Ames office services Story and Boone counties Call 515-232-3580. Our Ankeny office serves all of Polk county. Call 515-963-4410. We offer no charge assessments and no contract service.