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Employment Application – Ames

At-Home Care Company, LLC. Employment Application

  • This application is for the Ames Location only. To apply at our Ankeny location please click here.

    This application must be filled out completely to be considered. At-Home Care Company, LLC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will be considered regardless of color, age, creed, disability, religion, race, sex, or national origin.

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Please Read Carefully Before Signing

  • By presenting this application for employment, I certify that the statements given by me in response to the information requested are true, correct and complete. Any omissions and false or misleading information given on this application or during the interview process shall be sufficient grounds for my discharge at any time during the period of employment.

    I further understand that, if employed by At-Home Care Company, LLC., my employment will be “at will,” meaning that my employment can be terminated by At-Home Care Company, LLC. at any time, for any reason.

    The company cares about the health and safety of our clients and employees. We prohibit the illegal possession, distribution, sale or use of alcohol or drugs in the workplace. We consider this cause for immediate termination.

    I hereby authorize any person, company, or educational institution I have listed on my employment application to disclose in good faith any information they may have regarding my qualifications and fitness for employment. I will hold At-Home Care Company, LLC., any former employers, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and any other persons giving references free of liability for the exchange of this information and any other reasonable and relevant information necessary to the employment process.

    Because At-Home Care Company, LLC. has a tremendous responsibility to its clients and their families, a background check on criminal conviction and dependent adult abuse will be conducted before an applicant is hired. All employees are required to successfully complete a tuberculin test prior to the first day of employment.
  • I understand that by typing my name in the "Signature" field above and submitting this application I am submitting my electronic signature and are bound by all terms and agreements listed above.

Thank you for your application with At-Home Care Company, LLC.