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Who is Teepa Snow?

Teepa Snow is a dementia care education specialist that provides an in-depth awareness of how dementia affects those with the condition. She has 30 years clinical experience in occupational therapy and has worked in various settings. Teepa has such a deep understanding of what the dementia patient has to overcome, that she brings the condition to life with her demonstrations of the various levels of dementia progression. With the new insight of how the brain changes in the people with dementia, caregivers become prepared to learn a new skill set of care.

We invite you to meet Teepa at her website and experience for yourself some of the wisdom and enlightenment she provides on the dementia patient.

At Home Care Provides Teepa Snow Training For Caregivers

We have sent two groups to Teepa Snow seminars to better provide better care for our dementia clients. Our first group came back from the training so energized and better prepared to help, that a second group was sent this month. The second group reacted with the same enthusiasm, and we will send a third group in the future. Those that have had the training are busy passing on what they have learned to our caregivers in the field and new hires. We feel that with this understanding and skill that our people will provide loving, effective service to our dementia clients.

At Home Care theme for the 2016 Walk For Life was "There's No Place Like Home"

At Home Care theme for the 2016 Ames Walk For Life was “There’s No Place Like Home”

Alzheimer Association Support

The staff of At Home Care supported the Walk To End Alzheimers in DesMoines and Ames this fall. Management, caregivers, support staff, clients, and friends enjoyed the events and raised over $1300 for care, support, and research. In the United States, someone develops Alzheimers every 66 seconds. Please consider joining us in finding an end for this devastating disease.

For more information on the Alzheimer’s Association